It's Baseball Season Too!?

DC Sports Nexus ---- Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Caps are currently tied up 1-1 with Boston in the NHL Playoffs which is clearly (or should be, maybe not so clear) the priority for the city.  But don't forget that the Nationals have started their season as well and have started off on fire.  So for those of you who are Nats fans, bookmark, tweet about, share on facebook, subscribe, make your homepage (lol) one of our other sports blogs, Woeful Nats.

We cover the Nats with a little bit of Orioles thrown in for good measure.  I know, everyone can't be a 4 sport fanatic like me, but for those who are into baseball, check us out.  A lot of the same anger and humor over there for the Nasty Nattys.

I heard they were playing the OT period on the big screen at Nats Park and that people at the ballgame were chanting "Let's Go Caps"...So...Lets Go Caps!

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