Steve Holtby! 43 Saves, Caps Beat Bruins

DC Sports Nexus ---- Saturday, April 14, 2012

In a game where Tim Thomas threw a right hand haymaker at Nicklas Backstrom's head and where he tried to kick Troy Brouwer (neither a penalty) the story was the goalie on the other end of the ice.  Braden Holtby stopped 43 out of 44 shots in an intense double overtime 2-1 victory to tie the series at 1-1 for the Caps.

The Bruins only goal came on a rookie mistake by Braden as he came out of the crease about 10 feet and got stuck paralyzed in no-man's land as a Bruin tipped the puck into the open net.

While Thomas was being a d**k he was almost as good as Holts, stopping 37 of 39.  However after the punch to the head by Thomas, and a guy grabbing his visor for about 40 seconds not letting go, Backy got even scoring the game winner in Double Overtime.

After the Bruins tied the game up in the 3rd period the game intensity started to go up.  In the first overtime fans could barely watch the game as there were so many close plays and almost goals.  Thankfully for the Capitals their defense stepped up and they ended up capitalizing on a Bruins mistake to win the game.

Right now I still can't breathe...We will cover more about this game later...LETS GO CAPS.  Stole one on the road, now we control the series...

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