It's your Second Chance, Caps

DC Sports Nexus ---- Sunday, April 29, 2012

Game 2. A game where the Rangers can gain a a two game advantage, one step closer to knocking us out of the Playoffs, or the Caps can get back into the groove of things and win, splitting it just like the series against Boston. pretty important, isn't it? Actually, all of the games in the Playoffs are important. Every second count. There are no safe leads (as exhibited in the Flyers-Pens series), no safe players (Torres-Hossa check, anyone?), and no safe team (The Wings were the first out in the West).

That is why giving it all you've got every game is monumentally important. The Caps didn't do that yesterday. They were deflated, they had no offensive zone pressure, the defense was lacking throughout the game, players were taking stupid penalties (come on, Semin!), and, most of all, the players just weren't bringing it. They had less heart than the Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz.

I know, it's a new team, you have to get adjusted. But the playoffs are the Playoffs! You play with the same pressure throughout, don't just give up when you get past the second round. No one's going to win the game for you! And, to all he guys who took stupid penalties, whacking someone on the legs is going to give the other team a better opportunity to score and, thus, win. It's not retaliation, it's stupidity. Just give him a dirty look next time, mm'kay?

To win tomorrow's game the Caps have got to bring it like they did in Boston. To quote Joel Ward from @KCarrera, "...I don't think our desperation level was as strong as it used to be." Simply put, they weren't out their busting their hinneys. If they do that, they can win easily with some of the Rangers bigger offensive players out. Also, just based on the fact they both have the same basic teams as last season and the Caps won the series in 5.

Don't give up yet, Caps fans. Yeah, the Caps are infamous for crapping their pants in the early rounds, but how they played against Boston should give even the most hardened Caps fan a glimmer of hope. It ain't over yet, so don't count out these Weagled underdogs. LET'S GO CAPS!!

a song that seems fit for the game tomorrow;
Written by Camilla Alsobrook (@Camcoco10), Caps BBall's Teen Correspondent.  Camilla also writes for Puck Buddy's and Captial Connection.

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