Let's Fly to Boston, Caps

DC Sports Nexus ---- Saturday, April 21, 2012

Caps are tied 2-2 in the first round with teh Bru's, after a few narrow escapes and couple of solid wins, the Caps look ready to go all the way this year. Or at least the second round.

While the Caps have had some major faults, like shutting down when they have a lead and taking penalties at a terrible time (not that penalties at any time are a good thing), they've really improved their "work ethic". They're playing out every shift, playing like they truly want to win and care about the Playoffs. That isn't something I could say this time last year.

I can't really say they played a good or bad game Thursday because, well, I was doing a health project (on hockey injuries, so I'm not 100% horrible). But what  saw and heard of it, Holtby was boss as usual and Semin played well.Who needs stats, anyways?

My predictions for tomorrow; Knuble still in for sure, with Aucoin out, possibly. I'm still waiting for Orlov to be in and Hamrlik to be out, when pigs fly, no? Anyways, it's pretty up in the air as of now. What the Caps need to do to be successful; press the attack, keep the puck out of their zone, not take stupid penalties at terrible times, and play with a tighter defense.

Now, a song to get you in the Playoff mood and Fly you to Boston! (OMG you'd never guess when I liked this song, never ever!)

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