Rangers On The Ice

DC Sports Nexus ---- Saturday, April 28, 2012

Caps vs Rangers, Frank Sinatra style...

...I have no idea...


Rangers on the ice, are so annoying
Skating down the ice, they are so boring
the Caps will get 4 wins,
Before the series is through

Lundquvist in the goal, it should be frightening
Lundquvist in the crease, but it’s exciting
Lundquvist on the ice, The Caps will soon break through

Rangers on the ice, those lonely players
They are Rangers on the ice, up to the moment
When the caps get the first goal, little will we know
The cup is just a glance away
A warm embracing dance away and….

 Every single game, we will stay in it
We don’t have no shame, we plan to win it
We just have to aim, for Rangers on the ice

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