Stay Classy Bruins Fans

DC Sports Nexus ---- Thursday, April 26, 2012

I'm not exactly non-biased on this topic as I'm not a fan of Boston fans.  Patriots, Celtics, Bruins, and especially the Redsox and their pink hats.  The one time I went to Boston was the year the Patriots didn't make the playoffs.

I had a Raiders winter hat on.  A team that the Patriots BEAT (with a terrible call by the ref that changed the entire rules of the NFL).  That didn't stop the bitter Boston fans from heckling me the entire night with the most inane and pointless insults about a team they didn't have any actual feelings for.  There was no rivalry at all.  In fact RAIDERS fans are the ones who should be heckling the Patriots for winning unfairly.  I'm a Redskins fan anyways.

Now there are a lot of people I like who are Boston fans.  They aren't ALL bad.  But I'm stereotyping, and lumping everyone in together.  Something that some Boston fans seem to enjoy doing.  Actually that is not true.  Stereotyping is not the word.  Racism is more like it.

These are a collection of tweets from Boston fans throwing around the N word in regards to Joel Ward.  No, the word is not Nincompoop.  (Click here to view, very racist, very NSFW, very bad tweets) HT @Rachel_216 and 100 other peeps.

I'm going to hope that this is just a small group of idiots and not all Boston fans, but I'm sure we will be hearing more about this tomorrow.  Is it worse than Vancouver burning down their city?   From a human standpoint, yes.


Unknown said...

Yeah, My brother went to Game 5 in Boston, and some schmuck followed him for three blocks, sucker punched him and ran away. Boston fans are lame

Unknown said...

Also, am I the first person to ever leave a comment?

Chris Ford said...

I get a few long rants by people. Most people read the article then tweet me their comments.

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