Some Offseason Questions & A Poll

DC Sports Nexus ---- Monday, May 21, 2012

Sure we are now more professional (lol) at Caps Basektball now that we are a part of the Nexus, but this is my first ever hockey offseason so I have some questions that need answering!  (Yeah, I'd ask the head hockey writer, but where is the fun in that)

1.  When does the hockey free agency period begin?

2.  Is it going to be exciting, or is there just 1 big free agent (Parise)?

3.  I hear Parise is expensive.  Would the Caps ever consider him?

4.  Are there any free agents out there the Caps should target?

5.  What positions do the Caps need to target?

6.  Will the Caps give Semin the long-term contract he wants?

7.  Who do you think is gone?

8.  How much does LW and RW have to do with roster moves?

I know, lots of these are opinion, but just wanted to get a quick glimpse of what is going to happen over the summer.  Also answer this poll question.

The following question is NOT who would you rather have on your team.  If both guys were on your squad, which one would you want as captain?

Who Would You Rather Have As Captain?

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Unknown said...

1. July 1
2. Could be exciting, especially for us, with some big ticket items (not to mention our RFA's) up. semin, knubs, vokoun, etc.
3.Probably not, we don't need another winger, we need centers
4. Centers.
5. See 4, specifically 2nd line centers, and possibly another wing.
6.Probably not.
7. Semin, Vokoun... maaaayyyybe green, (dunno on that one)
8.really depends on which side is more comfy for the player.

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