NHL Draft: What we need and what we don't

DC Sports Nexus ---- Thursday, June 21, 2012

As we all (should) know, the 2012 NHL Draft starts tomorrow. The Edmonton Oilers have the 1st pick for now three years in a row, the Blue Jackets have the 2nd yadda yadda, and the Caps have pick #11. As you all know, the Caps got two picks from the Avs (one first round and one second) for Semyon Varlamov during last years off season.

The Caps have pretty good picks this year, compared to last year anyways. Since the Caps desperately need a strong second line Center, picking one up in the draft or with our draft pick and someone's rights (I'm looking at you, Green) seems like a great idea. I'm all for it.

What I'm not a fan of is the idea of trading Green's rights (or any other star UFA's rights) and  our #11 pick for Yakupov. He's a right wing. The Caps are up to their ears in right wings, I don't care if the kid is the second coming to Jesus. The Caps don't need a right wing. They need centers and that's what they need to focus on.

Whether that comes in the form of Grigorenko (these Russian names are killin' me), Jason Arnott (personal favorite), or another free agent or draft pick. All I know is the Caps shouldn't waste their draft pick on something they don't need.

While I've been ranting about needing a solid center, I completely forgot to bring up the whole no coach thing. Not having a Coach and picking guys in the draft is a little tricky. I know that GM's basically do all the picking, signing, etc. but they have the coaches input based on the kind of team he wants to run. Without having a coach with input on the kind of team he wants to build is going to be tricky. Yeah, the Caps need a center. But depending on the coach the Caps have, having a strong center could range from being vitally important to just being a good bonus.

In the end, GMGM knows what he's doing and will make the best deal to get the best player possible for the Caps to become  a strong contender for the Cup in seasons to come. I just hope the Caps can get a Coach before September.

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