RMNB Party 5 & Questions

DC Sports Nexus ---- Sunday, June 10, 2012

$124.  That was my bar tab.  The special of the night was $2 Bud Light.  I'm pretty sure I didn't have ... opening excel ... entering formula ... 62 beers.  So what happened?

Where did the phone numbers in my phone come from?  Are they chicks?  Are they dudes :( ?  Why do I have a text to someone with no name that says "Stop texting me, it is 5am, go to sleep"?

Why are my pants covered in beer?  Oh I remember that one.  So why did I invite my friend who is not very good at keeping beer upright?  Why didn't my pants dry over the course of the night?

Did I grab your butt?  I hope not.  Did you grab my butt?  Well then, hello.

How did all the Teeny-bopper Brolos get in the bar?  I saw the bouncer ask for their IDs, tell them it was 21+ and then they just walked in anyway.  So what if my 16 year old brother doesn't like hockey?   Lesson to you:  Drinking alcohol is bad.

Did the Kings win?  Did I even watch any hockey?  I remember naming 3 players in the game.  2 goalies and Kopitar.  Wait I know Kovelchuk...that is a guy right?  Finally a Stanley Cup in L.A.  Wait...checking ESPN...Oh.

F**K Lebron

Why am I in every picture?  I still don't know where Arby's in Manassas is.  I saw two people making out again.  It looked kind of like this:  @@.

My friends choice pickup line:  "Do you read his blog?"  The girls typical response "No (eyeroll)"

Cab in Arlington: "Not driving you to Chantillly"  Metro in Arlington "Train arriving 23 minutes"  Metro in Falls Church "Get off the train and into this bus"  120 pound Guy on bus "I can break this window"  Window "No you can't, but I can break your hand" Metro in falls church 2 "Train arriving 23 minutes"  Cab in Vienna "Fine, I'll take you to Chantilly"

In conclusion...Car:Ballston...Me:Chantilly...Puke:Woods...Clothes:???

Here is the Recap from the last party...

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