Caps Long Line Fan Appreciation Night & Video

DC Sports Nexus ---- Friday, January 18, 2013

"Beer Here"

"How Much?"



That was one of the several conversations I creepily overheard Thursday night at the Washington Capitals fan appreciation night.  The free event at Verizon Center featured a ton of free food, a Caps practice, face painting, cheerleaders, and of course overpriced beer.

The event had about 10,000 fans attend, which is insane and possibly more than actual attendance at a Washington Wizards game.

One of the first thing fans noticed if they spent any time walking around the concourse was that many people spent a majority of the night waiting in lines.  The fans arrived early and lined up outside of Verizon Center before the event began. Herding up like cattle awaiting the farmer to open the fence.  And when the gates were open fans raced to another line, where they stood and awaited free food.

And why wouldn't the fans line up, the food choices were great.  They had chili nachos, buffalo wings, hot dogs, Dippin' Dots, cotton candy, popcorn, soda, and more.  And it was all free with just one catch.  You couldn't grab a second item for your friends.

Concession Lady Letting The 10,000th Person Know The Limit Was 1 Item Per Person

You should have seen the number of sob stories at the front of lines.  Fans complaining that they could only take 1 FREE food item were coming up with all sorts of stories to try to convince the men and women at the register to break the rule for them.

My favorite instance of this was a 8 year old (ish) boy in the Dippin' Dots line.  He was sent there to pick up some ice cream of the future for him and his brother, who was waiting back at his seat.  When the guy in charge gave him the answer "no" the kid was not happy.

In a very loud and authoritative voice the little person stated his credentials as a season ticket holder.  Obviously, he was not like the other rubes in the line.  He was special.  Didn't the ice cream guy understand?

The server still refused and the child was stunned.  He just stared at the guy speechless with a Tony Kornheiser like "Do you know who I am" look on his face before heading back towards his seat dejected and angry.  In my head I heard him exclaim, "Why I neeehhhvaaaa!" in a southern woman's accent.

Other highlights of the night included Elliot in the morning being awkward, Ovechkin saying his favorite NHL player was Dale Hunter, and Troy Brouwer dancing the Gangnam Style.

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