Mike Green, The Beard, The Lockout, and the Unemployment Look

DC Sports Nexus ---- Friday, January 25, 2013

Ever since it was reported that Washington Capitals defenseman Mike Green had grown a beard (or a "lockout beard") people have been wondering what was going on.  All week long at training camp the fans were really sticking it Greeny, who shaved off his beard just in time for fan appreciation night at Verizon Center.

During a fan night interview with Elliot in the morning, the radio DJ suggested that Green start up a new, playoff themed beard right before the season.  Someone yelled "Jinxer!!!!".  Right now, Caps are 0-2.  Not Sayin...just Sayin.

Check out our quick Mike Season preview that shows a few of these fan hecklings:

You can see Elliot try to chase down Mike Green in this video and to learn more about Fan Appreciation Night.

You can also watch the entire Mike Green Elliot interview here:

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