Backy, Brouwer, & Wolski Score, Caps Win

DC Sports Nexus ---- Friday, February 1, 2013

The Washington Capitals picked up their 2nd win of the season over the similarly struggling Philadelphia Flyers on Friday night at Verizon Center.  Things were chippy early on but the Caps benefited from Nick Backstrom's first goal of the season, and goals by Brouwer and Wolski to secure a 3-2 victory.

The festivities got started early when John Erskine gave a possible cheap shot elbow (no penalty) to the face of Wayne Simmonds who fell to the ice, his head smashing on the ice.  Simmonds was bleeding and was knocked out of the game with a head injury.

Before the ensuing faceoff, Matt Hendricks and Zac Rinaldo (Watch the GIF here) dropped the gloves. Rinaldo threw about 12 turbo speed punches that didn't really land anywhere while Hendricks struggled to get 1-2 shots in.  Both players were ejected from the game because of the timing of the fight.

After a scoreless first period the Flyers got on the board early in the 2nd.  But the Caps came back and scored 3 straight goals including a breakaway goal for Backstrom's first tally of the season.  The Flyers scored in the 3rd leaving the Verizon faithful on the edge of their seats waiting for another Capitals collapse.  But the Caps stayed strong and picked up the victory.

Holtby ended with 30 saves and 2 GAA, showing that it is going to be very helpful having multiple goalies that Oates can trust.

EB Yanks the mic from Joe B, who is quite shocked

One of the highlights of the game was when two of the Sports Junkies (EB & Cakes) from 106.7 the fan joined Locker & Joe B in the booth.  Fans seemed to be quite upset as the Junks livened up the broadcast booth.  It was interesting to say the least (read the Transcript & see photos here)

The fun doesn't stop...Caps get the Penguins on "Big Game" Sunday...

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