Jeremy Roenick Doesn't Think Alex Ovechkin Works As Hard As Sidney Crosby, Is Fat

DC Sports Nexus ---- Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The DC Sports Junkies sat down with Jeremy Roenick on the premier episode of their new show Table Manners on CSN.  The show is great and despite what people were saying the other night, the Junks crushed it.  Check it out Tuesday nights at 11pm on CSN.

During one segment, the conversation turned to Alexander Ovechkin and his declining skillset and fatness. Roenick talked about how partying and lack of work ethic puts Ovi at a disadvantage, while talking about how hard Crosby works out.  A few quotes from Jeremy:

"I think he's [Alex] let himself go.  I think he stopped working out hard."

"One thing about Sidney Crosby, whether you like him or not, he will work until he has no more.  He will put in the work, he will put in the time, he will do what he has to do and I think Ovechkin hasn't put in the time.  And when you stop putting in the time, and you gain a little weight, I do believe he looks slow at certain times, you're worried about going out and partying, you're worried about being seen with the people, I think Ovi's gotten caught in that."

Roenick sort of described what may be the national perception of the difference between Alexander Ovechkin and Sidney Crosby.  Check out what Roenick said just a few years back.  Seems to have shifted gears from yelling at Mike Milbury about Ovi vs Crosby:

The show was fun, you should def check it out.  Tuesday nights.  11pm.  CSN.

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