AUDIO: Mike Knuble Calls Caps Fans Bandwagon Fans On WIP Philly Radio Show

DC Sports Nexus ---- Friday, February 8, 2013

Former Washington Capitals player Mike Knuble was on a Philadelphia radio station on Friday afternoon discussing the different hockey towns he played in. On the on 94 WIP Afternoons with Anthony Gargano & Glen Macnow show, Knuble didn't really take a shot at DC fans, but did mention how it is not as big a hockey town as some other cities.  He also threw in the word "bandwagon" when describing Caps fans.  Audio Below, Starts around 8:50:

Here are a few quotes:

"Washington you see like everybody's a new fan, nobody is from there really, there kinda just jumping on the bandwagon" 

"But the cities like Boston, NY, Philly, Detroit, its like, My grandfather was watching, my grandfather was a fan, he passed it to his son, then passes it to his son, ya know its all the way down"

Knuble played over 200 games with the Caps over the course of 3 seasons, and at one point was honored by the Caps with a Silver stick for his 1,000th career game.  I once wrote something about his declining production and Washington Capitals fans crushed me for days via Twitter and email.  They really loved Mike Knuble.

It didn't seem like Knuble was "taking shots" but I'm pretty sure that plenty of people are "from DC".  Just take a look at all the Redskins name changing controversy news that is currenly happening.  Tradition, passing on from father to son, etc...


Anonymous said...

Even though major league hockey (the NHL) is fairly new to Washington DC, hockey fans had the Baltimore Clippers that they could go see. My first hockey game was a Clipper game and I fell in love with the sport. What I see happening to hockey fans in the DC area is that they are getting priced out of games (the same with all the major sports entities all over). I am an avid fan of the Caps and have been since they arrived in DC. Mike Knuble is right as far as he goes, but I feel there is more to be said about the fans in DC!

Blix said...

My entire family is from the DC area, and although I hope his comments were not meant to be mean, I really would like to introduce him to a family who has proudly Rocked the Red for as long as they have been around. I don't find that a lot of fans (that I have come across) are "bandwagon" (which is closely associated with "Fair Weather") but they are being introduced to a newly explosive team (as in the last decade or two).

I have been and always will be a Die Hard Fan of the Caps, and hopefully one day Mike Knuble can meet more fans that will be Red for Life.

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