Mike Wilbon Picks Capitals vs Blackhawks as his Finals Matchup For 2nd Straight Year.

DC Sports Nexus ---- Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Last year before the season started, Washington Post columnist and NBA player name dropper Mike Wilbon picked his preseason Stanley Cup Matchup; Washington Capitals vs Chicago Blackhawks.  Well he was half wrong.

The Blackhawks went on to win the Stanley Cup while the Capitals sort of creeped into the playoffs (although winning the division) before being eliminated in the first round.

And just hours before the season opener, Wilbon has once again picked his Stanley Cup Matchup; Washington Capitals vs Chicago Blackhawks...again.

"They [Blackhawks] begin against the Washington Capitals, in what I am calling a preview of the NHL Finals" -MW

Kornheiser, when asked which would be better, the Hawks repeating or Ovechkin finally winning a championship, said both would be good.  He added that Ovi winning would be good for I-95 (what?) before crushing him with facts seconds later.

"It's also a good thing, for I-95, if Alex Ovechkin not only finally wins a championship...he's never even gotten to the conference finals, he has been a 3x MVP, a total dud in the playoffs, most recently" -TK

Then Wilbon kind of yammered about the Caps needing to start fast, and yada yada yada before exclaiming how much he loves the Blackhawks.  He didn't even mention Michael Jordan...

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