Caps Take Down Bridezilla & The Flexible Flyers

DC Sports Nexus ---- Thursday, October 20, 2011

I want to start with the Caps record, but if you are recaping this game you have to start with The Vokoun. That guy was Money like Pink Floyd. He was Everywhere like Michelle Branch. He was Amazing like Kanye West. Remember in game 2 when everyone was all worried...

The Caps are now 6-0 for the first time in history as well as undefeated since I started watching regular season hockey. Now they have even decided to stop giving opponents OT pity-points.

Thank You Moment: If you subtract a segment of 2 minutes and 30 seconds from this game, the game is in overtime right now, and my DVR is making me choose hockey or Jersey Shore...

Thoughts & Questions:
  • Only like 5% of the ice is trapezoid-less. Is it even possible to get that penalty?
  • I often find myself doing a expressionless, soft, slow clap in my living room. Hockey intensity...haha
  • What is the opposite of the Penalty Kill
  • I thought interference was only on the goalie, can you explain the Ovi penalty when he smashed the guy
  • Jeff that the guy from the office or a hockey player?
  • Did they say Ross Perot scored a goal?
  • I like the hat trick wall in Philly
  • Why don't 2 minors make a major. Are there double majors?
  • Why was there still 4 on 4 after a goal during a penalty, box doesn't clear when sides are even?
And with today's news that the NBA is not lookin' good, I may be around awhile...


TomLandry said...

I grew up watching and playing hockey, i.e. born and raised in Canada. I think your blog is insanely funny. Thought you might want some answers: Not really the goalies have adapted to the rule.
Interference is on any player without the puck (goalie or player), but goalies will get the call even on more incidental contact, whereas incidental contact on players is usually let go.
2 minors = 4 minutes (and are cleared when a goal is scored), but a major is 5 minutes (and remains in the box even if a goal is scored)
If there is a man advantage when the goal is scored, then the team that was missing a man gets him back....however, when 4 on 4 or 3 on 3, everyone stays in the box.

@NateHays said...

Listen to Tom Landry. For a football coach, he really knows his hockey.

LizzieD said...

Love your blog! I am visiting daily. Also, really good questions. About Jeff Halpern, would you believe he is a "local product"? Jeff g
is from Montgomery County and grew up.rooting for the Caps. He was drafted by the Caps and after being traded years ago has returned this season. Definitely a feel good story.

NitCan said...

Just to add to what Tom Landry said about goalies, I was watching my Oilers play last night, and their goalie Nik "Bulin Wall" Khabibulin played the puck right on the goalline away from the trapezoid, then turned his back to shield the opposing forechecker from the puck, and as the puck started sliding into the no go zone in the corner, he calmly flicked it to a waiting teammate. The trapezoid has definitely improved the ability of teams to dump and chase (which, depending on your viewpoint may not be a good thing), but goalie play is so good and so technical now as compared to 20-30 years ago that you'd have to be pretty stupid to get that penalty.

Dustin said...

Delay of game for playing the puck in the restricted area is usually a result of the goalie reaching and trying to "sneak" it through a tiny corner of the trapezoid. I've never seen a goalie outright play the puck in the restricted area.

Matt said...

Re: double majors - not really. There are 10 min game misconduct penalties though. Kind of rare to have them early enough in the game so that the player can come back so it looks like an ejection often. No power play is created from a misconduct penalty itself, usually another penalty like roughing will be assessed as well (but served by another player).

Also, non-goalie players are referred to as skaters. As in a team typically dresses 18 skaters (most of the time 12 forwards [wings and centers] and 6 defensemen) and 2 goalies.

One more thing- hopefully you now know where Five For Fighting got their name.

galaxysong9 said...

The opposite of the penalty kill is the power play.

And I dunno how you heard Ross but Perreault as in Mathiew 85 is pronounced the same way.

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