Week In Review & Super Follow Friday #FF 2

DC Sports Nexus ---- Friday, October 21, 2011

Another week (Sat-Fri) and another 3 victories for the Washington Capitals. For those keeping score at home that means the Caps are 6-0! I think I have now heard of 95% of the roster, and I could probably name a good 10-12 players!

If you haven't noticed yet, after each game I put a few observations along with questions in my recap. Yes some of the questions are jokes, but there are always some serious hockey questions in there. Remember to help me answer them in the comments or on Twitter! Thanks to the many people who already have! I'm figuring out this crazy game, but need lots more help.

This past week I was able to go to a game. I rocked the red, as well as rocked the shock (Shock Top). I saw 3 solid Caps wins, a few Ovi goals, and a machine gun barrage of 3 goals in less than 3 minutes. I saw some bad penalty calls and saw an announcer go crazy in the booth wanting to throw down the gloves with the ref (Locker on the non-double minor in the Flyers game). Another good week.

Thanks to the boss man Ted Leonsis and Ted's Take for herding people to this new blog (even though it was to the lame Weird Al thing), as well as super-blog Japers' Rink. Hopefully some people come back!

While the blog is fun, I'm all about Twitter. I'm usually sending out my naive thoughts during all Caps games. @TheDugsMusic ... It's a Follow Friday, so here are some peeps you should check out on the Twitter machine.

And @eduktor42 pulls off the tweet of the week, to Bill Simmons
As usual there are many others you should follow. Check on my twitter to see some more great people who help me figure this thing out!


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