Hockey Miracle: Specific Body Part Named In Injury Report!

DC Sports Nexus ---- Friday, October 14, 2011

I read this article from the Washington Times Caps blog and was quite amazed. It appears that a specific body part was mentioned in the injury diagnosis! Apparently Jay Beagle has a lip injury!

“I talked to him and other than a fat lip, he was fine,” coach Bruce Boudreau said.

Wait, a lip injury? Is a fat lip an injury? No, a fat lip isn't an injury!? DAMN! I like totally thought that there was gonna be a body part specific injury, instead it seems they only mention specific body parts if there is not really an injury!

Your telling me THIS HAPPENED and the player has a fat lip!?!? Undersell?

What I think I learned:
  • Vague Injury report - When I come back, you don't know where to hit me....
  • Specific Injury report - When I come back, you still don't know where to hit me...or I'm not even really hurt at all...
  • Overall Injury reports - WORTHLESS!

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