Washington Capitals vs Ottawa Parliaments?

DC Sports Nexus ---- Saturday, October 15, 2011

Part I: A Bad Lesson In Canadian Government

I took a look at the Caps schedule and noticed it said Capitals vs Senators. My first thought was that the Caps were facing off against Frank Howard & company in a field of dreams style hockey game at RFK. Then I looked a little closer at the schedule. In front of Senators it said Ottawa. Wait...Ottawa. Isn't that in Canada?

I don't know much anything about the US government let alone foreign governments, but I did see the movie "The Queen" and I think I learned something from that movie. I think what I learned was that Canada is under the Queen's realm? As is tradition...

Basing this entire posting on that "fact" I'm gonna have to assume that Canada has an Atomic Dog parliamentary government, V for Vendetta style with the wigs and everything, minus the George Clinton.

Ok, so why is this hockey blog teaching people (incorrectly) about the Canadian government? I'm glad you asked! It is because I am under the (wrong) impression that Canada, and therefore Ottawa, doesn't have Senators!

And yet posted for all to see on the Caps schedule is "Ottawa SENATORS". So wouldn't that be the same as calling us the Washington Potatoes, or the Hawaii University Polar Bears?

Part II: Wait, Canada Does Have Senators...DAGGER!

Because I am a professional, I decided to actually learn a little bit about the government of Canada. And much little to my surprise I was completely wrong. Canada does in fact have senators!

And not only does Canada have Senators, but the We Want The Funk Parliament that is made up of senators is based out of Ottawa, which is also the capital of Canada. So am I smarter than a 5th grader...No Jeff Foxworthy.
Even if there were no Senators in Ottawa, their logo seems to be a Roman Senator, which makes my discussion pointless once again...Damn you Hockey, you defeat me once again...

That means this entire posting was a waste of time, because the name "Senators" fits Ottawa perfectly. Now that I think about it maybe I should be thinking about the Washington Capitals name. Why is it plural, is it a building, is it about a capital city, etc...For a later time...

So everyone enjoy the Washington Capitals vs the Ottawa Capitals tonight...or is it the Washington Senators vs the Ottawa Senators. Whatever...What a wonderful day for Canada and therefore of course the world...

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Anonymous said...

This is hilarious. I hope you keep up the hockey watching this year, if for no reason than to give me written entertainment. It's a great game, and the Caps should be a good team.

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