How Should I Rock The Red

DC Sports Nexus ---- Monday, October 17, 2011

Tomorrow I will be attending my first Caps game, I was told to "Rock The Red" So I'm gonna go to the game like this right?

photo by megadem via PhotoRee

Wait, you think that is rocking too much red. That possibly the people to the left and right of me might not enjoy their lack of headroom? I guess I could go as this played out costume...

But its been cold outside and I don't think my bulge would be represented properly. I could go with this nice shirt, seen often at Wizards games...(found on Trashness blog)

That bro is totally rockin the red with that giant Polo horse right! Hmm maybe more of a summer fashion, not fitting in that well in the fall. I guess I'm gonna end up going with an Ovechkin shirt from Dick's. But there is no way I'm not gonna be Rockin these...

Yeah right...ROCK THE RED!!!! In a respectable way...

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