Fans Ripped Off, Only 3 Periods Of Hockey

DC Sports Nexus ---- Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Capitals just pulled out the victory over the Senators in regulation (now you have to mention that) to go to the 4-0 start. The Vokoun played pretty well, and the Caps got some nice Ovi Smashes (when a player, usually Ovechkin knocks over a player on the other team).

Now this was only my 4th game, but I was expecting I would get to see more than an hour of hockey. I'm quite disappointed. The losing team in OT gets an extra point so the winning team also gets an extra point too right?!

The goal of the game was when Marjo pulled off a move after my own heart. Johansson did a move I did probably 1,000,000 times with Doug Gilmore in NHL 94'. Instead of going straight towards the goal he went straight to the wrap around and slid in the puck for the goal.

By the way, I have tickets for Tuesday, First Caps game!

Bad words in this video, Warning...

Notes & Questions From The Game:
  • How do you become a penalty box doorman?
  • I think the glass needs to be higher, and possibly install a ceiling so that the puck doesn't go out of play so much
  • If you are a grown man, do NOT paint your entire face red..unless rocking the red...enjoy the enthusiasm but not sure I'm 100% in agreement with that...
  • Intentional Off Sides, What are you?
  • Why does the announcer call it the face-off "dot" sounds lame
  • What is a snapshot? (not in regards to taking a photograph)
  • Saucerpass? Seriously? Meow! Kitty wants milk!


mlahk7 said...

Anonymous said...

You've figured out offsides already, right? Intentional offsides just means the linesman thinks the attacking team did it on purpose. It usually happens if the team is tired, can't manage a safe change, and wants to force a stoppage in play. If it is intentional offsides, the face off takes place in the penalized team's defensive zone.

Snapshot? Do you mean slapshot?

Hope you have fun at your first Caps game! ROCK THE RED!!

RR said...

Snapshot is a quick shot with very very little or no windup. Surprises the goalie. Ovechkin is good at these.

Jim Smith II said...

Dude - Great blog! Arrived via Grantland, and even though I'm a Western Conference fan I think I'll be sticking around a while.

BTW - RR is right regarding the snap-shot.

PlugNPlay said...

I'm enjoying this blog a lot. Thanks for bringing back memories of being a new fan... Saucering the puck means skimming it flat on the ice rather than letting it roll at all. It's not something that you can always control. A snapshot is a superquick wrist shot.

Bob Bastard said...

PlugNPlay -- No. A saucer pass is when the puck is lifted an inch or more to avoid sticks on the ice or other obstacles. it's a saucer as in; it hovers above the ice.

A snapshot is a quicker SLAPshot, less slap, less windup. you have wristshot, snapshot, slapshot.

@NateHays said...

snapshot is a very effective shot, often taking the goalie by surprise. There's no "broadcasting" of the shot, as there is with a wrist shot or a slap shot, just a quick snap of the wrists, usually a toe-to-heel stick motion of some sort, followed by a sudden shot. The puck doesn't travel as fast as it would from a slap shot, but from 30 feet in it's probably the most dangerous shot in the game.

NitCan said...

BB is basically right about the saucer pass, but the other reason its called a saucer pass is because the puck stays flat in the air and lands flat on the ice, instead of flipping end over end which would make it difficult to pick up cleanly by the receiver of the pass. The snapshot is the most widely used shot in hockey, because it has the quickest release - the vast majority of shots from 5-50 feet away are snapshots, either with a quick flick of the wrists/arms or by leaning hard on the stick while raising your outside leg thus creating tremendous leverage and then quickly "snapping" the stick through to release.

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