Who Is Matt Bradley & Other Questions

DC Sports Nexus ---- Tuesday, October 18, 2011

After reading some pregame and talking with people on twitter (@TheDugsMusic), I noticed a common thread about the game tonight. Everyone was talking about Matt Bradley. I decided that it was only proper for me to find out who in the hell Matt Bradley was. I vaguely remember hearing (and ignoring) the following on sports talk radio last year.

“I don’t mind saying Alexander Semin’s name, because he’s one guy who has so much talent, he could easily be the best player in the league, and just for whatever reason, just doesn’t care."
--Matt Bradley, August 2011 (Caps Insider)

So I got together a team of the world's greatest researchers and found the following:
  • Matt Bradley is now on the Florida Panthers, and will be at Verizon tonight
  • In 61 games for the Caps last year, just 4 goals and 7 assists
  • In the playoffs his stats were a bunch of 0's except for a -3 +/-
  • In 4 games this year he has done nothing
So a bench non-scoring player leaves and talks S and we begin to ask "Does Sasha Care?"

So do people like that Bradley brought this up? Are people upset that he was talking bad about a Caps player? Do we want him to get checked every second tonight? Do we hate him? Do we love him? Do I "boo" him tonight? Did this help fire up Semin? Is this a year old story that doesn't matter anymore? Does Sasha care?

As usual help for a noob is appreciated...

Some mixed thoughts from twitter

Person A: Brads wasn't a bench player. We DONT hate him. He shed a lot of blood for this team we had a #needsmorebradley last year. I might stand and clap when I see Brads he was a great guy. And DC loved him

Person B: I liked him as a Cap - even cried when he left (RIP Professor Bradley), but I am in the minority who resent him for airing Caps' dirty laundry in public (not just the things he said about Semin - which was mostly true. It just wasn't cool to tell the world stuff that should have stayed in the dressing room.). Ovechkin also said it wasn't a respectable thing for Brads to do, so I'm comfortable being part of this minority.


hockey yelling said...

put me in the "like but resent category". he was a great guy when he was here, obviously not a skill player but a great fourth liner who possessed about 70% of the team's total grit and toughness for most of the time he was here. fought a lot of fights for us, bled a lot of blood for us, great guy in the locker room.

but i've never seen a hockey player talk shit about a teammate before like that, not ever. it was surprising and it definitely wasn't okay, and even now that he's apologized for it, there's damage to Semin's reputation that will be difficult to reverse. i didn't expect that from him, and even though i liked him while he was here, i'm not sure i forgive him.


@NateHays said...

Here's how I feel about it. Brads was a positive guy to have on the team, but I also feel that there's a reason he's not on the team anymore. Since we have Hendrix, we haven't needed Brads. Hendrix fights more, and wins more too. Plus, Hendy has some serious moves in the shootout. At the end of the season, Hendrix may actually score 10 times with about 8 minutes of ice time a night. That's awesome production from a fourth liner! He'll also contribute about 4 goals in the shootout I bet, which means he's helping us turn 1 point games (OT losses) into 2 point games (Wins). Brads doesn't do all of that.

As far as what Bradley said about Semin, there's a reason Semin's still on the team and Bradley isn't. Semin gets us wins, Bradley bleeds on the ice.

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