Hockey At Halftime: Caps 3, Redskins 3

DC Sports Nexus ---- Sunday, November 6, 2011

This bit compares the first half of the Redskins games vs the entire most recent Caps game...I dunno....

Another week, another terrible performance by the Washington Redskins. They scored 3 pts in 6 quarters and it appears the John Beck era could be over. Martin Brodeur must be in goal for the 49ers. (this was written when it was a shutout...)

Notice There Is NEVER love for the current QB

I'm pretty sure that a football team should score more than a hockey team. Goals in hockey are 1 point, Touchdowns in football are 6 points! Two weeks ago the Caps had a touchdown, which if you are the Redskins is hard to get. Last week the Caps scored 4 and not only won the 1st half but the entire game as the Skins were shutout. But this week the Caps went soft, they only scored a field goal. And on the final play of the 1st half, the Skins tied the Caps on a team record 59 yard field goal.

Maybe Rex Grossman will come in for the 2nd half, but really what does it matter. He will just throw like 2 pick sixes...Next Caps game Tuesday. Only like 52 more hours til we can see a team that has skill and scores points.

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