Kari Wasn't Lehton-em-En

DC Sports Nexus ---- Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Dallas Stars defeated the Washington Capitals on Tuesday night by a score of 5-2. The game was tied going into the 3rd period but the Stars went crazy and scored a quick goal to start the 3rd and then 2 quick back to back goals later in the period. The win marks the first time a team with a guy named Grossman has won in DC in a while.

Overall I would describe the game as "Poke Checks & Hold Ups". The game was really boring with both goaltenders covering up the puck over and over and over and over ... (i can keep going) ... and over again. Luckily the Caps don't have to see the Stars again.

The Dallas Stars looked like a much better team than the Caps who sometimes play that well, but not every night. The Caps were making passes to nowhere, dumping and chasing to nowhere, and not really playing tight defense.

Something that I realized is I really love a good hockey pass. As an amazing point guard, my favorite play in basketball is the pass. Backstrom had a sweet no-lookish assist tonight. Nicklas Nash perhaps.

Game notes & questions:
  • What is the red flower thing. Is that for the hockey team that died or something else?
  • Is it bad when a goalie mask comes off. Does it give away the true identity of the super hero? It kinda seems that way.
  • Why was Locker between the benches and not in the booth? Does that happen often? Have I just not noticed?
  • One of the Caps put a deliberate elbow to the face of one of the Stars (Erskine?) Will that not be a fine or suspension, looked kind of dirty in slow motion.
  • Finally, a successful "hold it here" tellestrator!
  • Can the stars change to Cowboys colors so I can hate them?


alanna. said...

erskine may be fined for his hit. idk about knuble.

Anonymous said...

The red thing on Boudreau's lapel is a poppy... a way of honouring those who died in battle... a common sight in Canada leading up to Remembrance Day. http://www.canoe.ca/RemembranceDay/poppy.html

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