Ovi Does Dallas

DC Sports Nexus ---- Monday, November 7, 2011

Ovi is a great player, and his play has earned him a spot on the Washington Capitals. However, Ovi doesn’t have enough money to get to DC from Russia. To make some money Ovi gets a job working for Mrs. Greenfield at the ice rink. Mrs. Greenfield really likes Ovi so she promises to pay for Ovi’s trip to DC. In return Ovi has to do something that is a “surprise”. Ovi takes the money and after his first few games he gets a break and returns to the ice rink to see Mrs. Greenfield. He soon finds out what the surprise was…He has to go out and score a hat trick against the Dallas Stars. Goal for Mrs. Greenfield, Score one for Ovi.

Before you start reading this game preview, you need to click on the theme song below...

On Tuesday night, the Washington Capitals are hosting the Minnesota North Stars...Dallas North Stars...Dallas Stars. Dallas is good this season. They have 10 wins and only 3 losses which gives them the best record in the league. The Caps are 2nd. Earlier this year the Caps played the other top team at time (Red Wings) and beat them for an early statement win.

Dallas has had quite the run lately. The Rangers who play pretty close by have been to the past 2 World Series. The Mavericks won the NBA championship back when that league existed. And now the Stars are doing quite well so far. The DC teams...only compare on the ice.

As long as Dirk Nowitzki doesn't show up and strap on the skates, and as long as the Caps don't play like they did on Saturday night against the Islanders, they have an opportunity to pull off another big early season win.

This is the only time the Caps play the Stars this year so this is my last chance to say... COWBOYS SUCK!'

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