Mike Knuble 1,000 Games, Mostly Evil

DC Sports Nexus ---- Tuesday, December 20, 2011

On Tuesday night when the Capitals take on the Predators, Mike Knuble will take the ice in his 1,000th NHL game.  Knuble will become the 265th player in NHL history to play in 1000 games.

Out of all those games, just 180 (18%) have come for the Washington Capitals.  The other 82% of the games are from several evil places.  Detroit (blah), the Rangers (ug), the Bruins (grr), and the Flyers (vomit).  Here are some examples of Mike Knuble killing the Caps:
  • 1998:  Mike Knuble wins the Stanley Cup against...the Washington Capitals (he didn't play much but he was technically on the Red Wings)
  • 2008:  Mike Knuble helped the Flyers knock the Caps out of the playoffs. 
  • 2009:  Mike Knuble didn't help the Flyers beat the Penguins, and the Penguins went on to beat the Caps.
  • 2010:  Mike Knuble was a part of the Caps when they lost in the first round to Montreal
  • 2011:  Mike Knuble was a part of the Caps when they were swept by the Lightning
OK!  FINE!  Mike Knuble wasn't the reason the Caps lost in 2010 or 2011.  And I guess "not winning" is kind of a stretch for eliminating a team in the 2nd round.  And it is true that Knuble didn't help the Red Wings beat the Caps. But that ONE year!  Haha.

So Mike Knuble is cool now, but...I'm keeping my eye out for him...He is a Caps killer and possibly a double agent...

Congrats on 1,000 games!  At least 180 of them!  Here's to 820 more in a Red Jersey with a Caps Logo on it...Your 1,000th game played is my 32nd game watched...

I know nothing of hockey or this Mike Knuble character, read from people who do:

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THANKS FOR THE LINK, YOU <333 also your description made me laugh. Mike Knuble + cursing. pretty accurate.

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