Sharks Do Sharky Things To Caps

DC Sports Nexus ---- Sunday, January 8, 2012

Washington Capitals 2, San Jose Sharks 5

The Sharks defeated the Caps on Saturday night by a score of 5-2 to end the Caps 4 game winning streak. When I was a kid my favorite team was the San Jose Sharks. I don't know if I even ever saw a Sharks game, but they were still my favorite team. I think I had a teal thing as the Hornets were my favorite NBA team...great story! According to the TV Broadcast the Caps haven't won in San Jose in like 400 years!

The highlight of the game was when a Sharks player plowed over Alex Semin. Alex O didn't like people messing with his friend so he tackled the guy and i think tried to bite his face off or something.

Vokoun faced 38 shots, letting in 4, and playing a lot of time behind the net so the Shaks couldn't score magically through the back of the net...

Next up for the Caps is the Kings on Monday night...Caps Sleepover on Twitter @TheDugsSports

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Dru90 said...

Ugh If I had to hear Joe B mentioned how we never win in San Jose I was going to lose it.

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