Ovi & Caps Make Some Dirty Goal

DC Sports Nexus ---- Monday, March 19, 2012

Alex Ovechkin put it best during the first intermission.  He said it is always good to "make some dirty goal".  The Caps did just that, scoring 4 goals in Detroit on Monday night for a big road trip 5-3 win and a big 2 points in the standings.  The Caps play the Flyers in Philly on Thursday and they really needed a win.  Braden Holtby was a little shaky but saved 30 and picked up the win in place of the injured Vokoun.

The game started out with Ovi taking a stick to the face to which he flailed like he was shot with a machinegun and then layed on the ground like he was dead.  Luckily for the Caps there was no diving call and Ovechkin got some revenge for the face shot by hitting the back of the net with the puck for the 1-0 lead.  Finally the Caps score first.

Knuble scored  a few minutes later and he is starting to turn around, 3 goals in 4 games.  2-0 Caps.

A few minutes later the Red Wings went down the ice with no trouble at all and no defense and the Caps ended up being bailed out when a Wings goal was wiped out after Mike Green was pushed into the net.  A huge turnaround because the goal was washed out, the bad D was washed out, and the Caps got a powerplay on an interference call and Ovi tipped in his own shot for his 2nd goal of the night.  3-0 Caps.

In the 2nd period, Matt Hendrix committed a blatant o-zone hold and the Wings took advantage with a goal.   3-1 Caps.

However, in the final three minutes of the period Aucoin put the Caps back up by a score of 4-1 and seconds later Chimera missed a fast fast fast break opportunity keeping the Wings within striking distance for the final session.

Thirty six seconds into the final frame, the Wings got a tip in goal which was basically Holtby’s fault, and the Wings cut the lead to 2 with plenty of time left.  4-2 Caps.

That goal got the Wings fired up and the energy shifted in favor of the Wings.  They used that energy to cut the lead to 1 with 7 minutes left in the game after a bunch of ugly hockey taking place in front of the net led to a score.  4-3 Caps.

The remainder of the 3rd period was a Red Wings onslaught were the Caps seemed to be playing their Prevent defense that they have been doing with the lead as of late.  Chimera put an end to all that nonsense and put in an empty netter to seal the deal.  5-3 Victory for the Caps.

Wow it is feeling like playoff hockey...powerplay 3 for 4...Caps 50 Papa John’s … Enjoy your half price pizza wings and more tomorrow...

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