Caps Secret Weapon

DC Sports Nexus ---- Saturday, April 14, 2012

Remember a long time ago when Mike Knuble played in his 1,000th game?  The Capitals made a huge deal about it, showed highlights from his 1/2 season with the team (and no other clips), and then gave him an honorary silver hockey stick.  Well you thought it was a celebration?  Psh...Ish don't think so!

All the hooplah, the pomp, the circumstance, the pomp & circumstance...A distraction.  A sleight of hand.  A cover-up.  A facade!  Thesaurus!  This was the real reason the Caps did that whole ceremony:

This looks like a typical silver stick.  Just like the ones we all have laying out in our garage.  But I assure is is..THE SECRET WEAPON.

Where do you think Mike Knuble was last game?  He was in his lair, sharpening and polishing his (hockey) stick!  When he unleashes it's fury on the Bruins tonight you all will be amazed at the power.

The stick can only be handled by the chosen one.  Like King Arthur and the sword in the stone.  That one person would be King Knuble.  When Knuble wields the sacred stick, it summons Knuble's Knights and the army of Knubes launches a magical attack on goalies.

Will they Unleash the Knubes tonight?  I don't know, but they better do it soon because the season could be over in about 5 seconds...

There is also another theory that this is a fake silver alloy stick because the Caps are cheap...But that could be part of the cover-up...

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