DC Sports Nexus ---- Monday, April 2, 2012

Patrick Roy showed up in a time machine from years ago to Tampa Bay and the NHL and the Lightning let him play goalie for the night.  Wait...this just in.  It couldn't be...I don't believe it...really?  Dwayne Roloson?

Neuvy made a few saves of his own but he missed one really easy one which turns out to be a huge one that probably cost the Caps the game.

The Caps did not play like they were fighting for their playoff lives.  They played like it was just another day in paradise and the Lightning's charges in front of their chanting crowd busted the Caps in the gut and took a bite out of their playoff chances.  Sabres game tomorrow night is a big scoreboard watching game.

Chimera put in a game tying goal in the final 4 minutes of play but you could just tell the Lightning were going to come back firing.  They scored the decisive goal with only a little over a minute to play and after a Rolo save on an Ovechkin attempt the Caps were finished.  An empty net goal at the buzzer made it 4-2 and the Caps went home with empty playoff pockets.

Fans have been looking at the Panthers and thinking the Caps could catch 3rd place, but honestly it has been Caps or Sabres for the past 2 weeks.  Forget about the Panthers, the Caps are gonna have to get lucky with Buffalo.

Next game on Thursday night against those Panthers...2 games to go...hold your breath...

And if you've missed my decision to become a musician, then enjoy Return of the Back and Puck So Hard

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