A Playoff Recap From Someone Who Only Follows The Caps

DC Sports Nexus ---- Sunday, April 15, 2012

So this season as you know I watched all the Caps games.  However, aside from that I didn't do much else in the hockey realm.  I checked the NHL standings a bunch.  I followed a few teams without watching them.  I watched that HBO show and then the Winter Classic.  And I watched 2 minutes of the Penguins Flyers game the other day.  So here is my take on the playoffs:

  • In the playoffs, the games are 4 periods instead of the traditional regular season 3.
  • The Flyers & Penguins are playing the series without goalies, as is the Pennsylvania tradition.
  • Gatorade Jugs are ass holes and you may smash them at will.
  • The 8th seed Lakers are up 2-0 on the Vancouver Grizzlies.
  • MAF LOL.  No clue what that means, but I think it is true.
  • Nashville and Phoenix have hockey teams.
  • That was clearly a penalty.
  • I think Caps fans may hate the Penguins more than they like the Caps.
  • Nobody cares that the Blues are in the playoffs.
  • The Panthers are the worst team in the playoffs, but are a 3 seed.
  • The Devils goalie played in the first ever Stanley Cup Finals...I think.
  • The Blackhawks and the Red Wings have made the playoffs every year ever.
  • The Senators are the 8th seed and not the Capitals?  When did that happen?
  • Every hockey player that is not on the team you root for is an ass.  
  • Aaron Asham is an ass no matter what team you root for.
  • Goalies are allowed to throw punches at guys who have recently missed 3/4ths of the season due to concussions.
  • After the home team wins you can smash them over the head with a giant glass pane.
  • During Overtime, the referees go into the locker room to watch the game on the big screen.
So that is what I've got so far.  Not sure what is true and what isn't but I think I was pretty accurate. 


Camcoco said...

OMG why you so mean to the Kitties?!

Chris Ford said...

Not mean to Kitties, they have the least amount of reg season wins in the entire playoffs.

Camcoco said...

That doesn't mean they're bad! Besides, the Southeast is the easiest division.

Caps Nut said...

Yep, sounds about right.

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