Semin & Ovechkin Win Championship, For Russia Instead Of DC

DC Sports Nexus ---- Sunday, May 20, 2012

A New Hockey Fan's Perspective On The Russian World Championship

On Sunday evening, several Washington Capitals who had only recently tasted the bitterness of a devastating loss had to sit and watch two of their teammates on TV enjoying the sweet taste of victory.  Alex Ovechkin & Alexander Semin had won the gold medal in the World Hockey Championships, and they celebrated the victory for all to see.

Semin picked up two goals in the championship game and Ovechkin threw in an assist as the Russian team defeated Slovakia in Stockholm on Sunday 6-2.  The Russians had a championship, and yet, the Capitals still haven't won anything.

It was only a handful of days ago when the New York Rangers eliminated the Washington Capitals from the NHL Playoffs.  The Caps players played their hearts out but after 14 nights of rough hockey they just couldn't get that last push to make it to the next round.  Where were those 2 Semin goals in game 7?

As a fan, I was crushed and devastated.  I can't even convince myself to watch the rest of the NHL Playoffs.  In fact, I feel like I never want to see a hockey puck for about 4 months. If that is a fan's perspective, I can't imagine how the players must feel.

I understand that NHL players fill out the world rosters when their teams are out of the playoffs.  Guys like Semyon Varlamov & Zdeno Chara played in the game as well.  But as a Capitals fan, watching the so called star players smiling about a hockey win is just a dagger in my heart.

Why are THEY celebrating.  Why can't we ALL be celebrating.  Why can't Chimera be celebrating.  Why can't Hendricks be celebrating.  Why can't the fans be celebrating.  Why can't the city be celebrating.

On a day when Shane Doan was in North America enjoying a NHL Playoff victory, Alexander Ovechkin & Alexander Semin were in Europe celebrating an international victory...and I just don't get it.

The state of the Washington Capitals right now is chaos.  The team under-performed in the regular season.  The superstar's stats have dropped from the unbelievable to the ordinary.  The head coach walked away from the team.  The top draft pick/prospect would rather play hockey in Russia.  And 2 of the teams under-performing players seem to have put the NHL loss out of their mind and are happy to be gold medalists.

I'm not sure what to make of this team, and I'm not sure what is going to happen between now and the opening faceoff of the 2012-13 season.  All I know is things have got to change, on the ice, and in the minds of the players.


Anonymous said...

Hockey is different in Europe. Their rinks are much larger and the style they play is different. This is what they grew up playing. Also, Ovechkin, Semin and Datsyuk were on a line together, how could they not play well? As a longtime Caps fan (20+ yrs) I, in no way, begrudge them an international win, even if they were unable to win one for us here in DC.

Chris Ford said...

That's a great point. That's how I should feel. I shouldn't hate on them for playing. However...It just isn't happening, I can't help it. haha.

Anonymous said...

You feel how you feel, I guess. lol But you also haven't lived through the really bad times with the Caps yet, so I guess it's understandable.

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