The NHL Draft Recap & Drinking Game

DC Sports Nexus ---- Saturday, June 23, 2012

So yesterday I decided to switch back and forth between the Nationals game and watch this NHL Draft thing people on Twitter were so crazy about.  A bunch of old white guys in suits saying "ay" gathered around tables watching tv and whispering to each other while the crowd drank beer and booed.

The draft was on a Friday night, which is typically reserved for drinking draft beer at a local (or far-away DC) establishment.  However, because of the baseball game and my desire to get abs, I happened to be home on this particular Friday night.  It seemed that everyone I follow on Twitter was also home on Friday night as well, which has kind of made me lose confidence in my Twitter-Coolness factor.

Someone on Twitter suggested that since I don't know any of the players, since I know nothing about the OHL or WHL or college hockey or international hockey, that I should come up with a drinking game like the baseball or hockey games that I have done in the past.  Well I've done it, although way too late:

You drink every single draft pick, so every 10 minutes or so.  And you do the following:

College Player:  1 Drink Natty Light
OHL Player:  1 Drink LaBatt's

WHL Player:  Eat 1 Ice Cube
USHL Player:  1 Shot Butter

Swedish Player:  Eat 1 Swedish Fish
Russian Player:  1 Shot Vodka

Anyways, The Caps drafted Niklas Backstrom's brother and an NFL player, so I think the draft went well.  On day 2 of the draft I have no idea what happened because I was sleeping off the 6 shots of butter I had the night before and by the time I woke up it was all over.

You all probably read other sites and know who those people are, and quite frankly if they are not first rounders they are all going to be playing in random leagues for the next several years (right?). I'll pay attention when they come up to the real team, or when they decide to stay in Russia and play their whole career there which I hear happens in this city.

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