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DC Sports Nexus ---- Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Next Tuesday, July 2nd, the Washington Nationals are hosting a "Ignite Your Nattitude Tweet-up" for fans on Twitter.  I'm sure it will be nothing compared to the RMNB Parties, but it should be fun nonetheless.

That's great, Nationals, blah blah.  But we are taking the opportunity to piggyback off of someone else's group tickets/party event (like usual) to hang out with other Caps fans at the ballpark.

Plus, this will give you the reader, a chance to meet some of the writers from the DC Sports Nexus.  I will be there along with baseball writer Dru (Caps fan) and hockey writer Camilla (Caps fan) as well.  We would love to hear your thoughts on our writing, suggestions, etc as well as talk NHL Draft and Mike Ribeiro and Coach Mystery McBean.

So come meet us at the ballpark!

  • You buy tickets here for $20 each, plus fees turning it into more like $25 each.
  • Tickets include $6 Credit for Concessions
  • The game is Tuesday, July 3rd
  • The game starts at an odd time, 6:35pm
  • The Nats are playing the San Francisco Giants that night
  • Seats are decent, Outfield Seats, not in the upper deck
  • Post-Game Fireworks
  • Brolos are welcome
Some of us are going to get there around 4:30, so tweet us @Dru90 @TheDugsSports and come find us most likely at the centerfield barwalk!

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