Conan O'Brien Crushes The NHL & Hockey Fans In Monologues This Week

DC Sports Nexus ---- Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I love Conan O'Brien.  He is one of my favorite performers of all time and I have watched him since he started on TV a million years ago.  But this week Coco has decided to take a few shots at hockey fans on his show.   Here are some jokes from his monologue on Monday & Tuesday:

"Good news, after 113 days the National Hockey League has settled it's hockey dispute, so finally Americans can get back to NOT watching hockey"

The crowd sort of laughs. (watch it here) Conan continues:

"Nobody watches hockey...(in strange mocking voice)...'I gotta go I gotta watch hockey'...nobody says that...hahahhahaha"

The jokes didn't stop on Tuesday:

"Good news for hockey though, after 113 days the National Hockey League has settled it's contract the way if you are interested, the last time Americans went 113 days without watching hockey it was during last year's hockey season"

There were a few hockey fans in the crowd who groaned.  Conan continued:

"Even hockey fans cheer that joke...'it is very unpopular'...No Teeth...'it's unpopular (in a voice like he had no teeth)' "

So Americans hate hockey, and all hockey fans have no teeth.  Got it Conan.  Look forward to your next prewritten structured NHL zing that the audience doesn't really laugh at tomorrow night.


Chris Conway said...

Game 3 of the Caps-Rangers series (on NBC Sports) last year had 1.8 million viewers. And game 4 of the finals, which "nobody watched" had over 2 million viewers...on the NBC Sports Channel. Conan's ratings? The last week he had live shows, he averaged under a million viewers. Glass houses, stones, etc...

Chris Ford said...

I remember when the Kings won the Stanley Cup he made a billion jokes and mocked the victory parade every night

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