Four Things To Watch For At Caps Training Camp

DC Sports Nexus ---- Wednesday, January 9, 2013

With the NHL in full swing and camps swiftly approaching, here's a quick look at who you should keep an eye on when you go to Kettler this weekend to observe camp (if it begins).

Mike Riberio:  Also known as the new kid in town; Mike Riberio is the latest addition to the Caps roster and is, hopefully, the missing ingredient on the second line. It'll be interesting to see who Oates pairs him up with and how his chemistry with the team develops over camp.

The Goalie:  Who's starting in net; The long running controversy for the Caps.  Is it Neuvirth, Holtby, or none of the above? Or wil GMGM go Vokoun and decide the Caps need another "vet" in the net this season (just kidding). While Holtby was the unlikely hero throughout last seasons Playoffs, don't count Neuvrith out just yet. No matter who ends up being the "starter" with a fast paced season both goaltenders will be needed.

Tom Poti who?; The biggest shock to Caps fans was hearing (or most likely reading) that defensive defenseman Tom Poti plans to participate in training camp this week. Poti, who hasn't played since the '10-'11 season, will probably be one of the most interesting people to see back on the ice. He's one of the seven players still on the Caps who played in the '07-'08 Playoffs and his health is still a question.

The Big Three: Ovechkin, Backstrom, and Green oh my; The three remaining "young guns" will also be ones to watch this week. (assuming Backstrom is well enough to participate in training camp)  Caps fans have a lot of questions about these fellas; Will Ovi get over his funk and start having 50+ goal seasons again? Can Green skate five feet without getting injured? Will Nick Backstrom be a more present force this season?

So come join us at training camp, and watch firsthand as these four situations develop.  See you at Kettler!

Written By Camilla Alsobrook

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