Lockout Thing Over, What is Hockey Again?

DC Sports Nexus ---- Sunday, January 6, 2013

According to my sources (major media, Twitter, everyone, and their mother) the NHL Lockout has come to an end.  At least until the next time the CBA comes up and the players and owners decided that relaxing and enjoying the NFL season is more fun than playing hockey.

Unfortunately my blog, Caps Cricket, never really gained as much steam as this site did during the NBA lockout (I blame the Puck Buddies and Indian Paddles Never Breaks).  But I have promised all my bowlers and hurlers that I will not give up on them either.  The NHL lockout is over, but I will be a cricket fan for life.

Last year, when the NBA came back from their lockout, it was the greatest season of basketball ever.  They crammed 66 games into a few months, and there were Wizards games to watch it seemed every day (yes that was a good thing, sort of).  At that point we also had Caps games, so it was pretty much a busy winter.  I'm down...

It appears that the NHL will also have to do a little cramming, and it should lead to an amazing winter.  Although if I remember correctly the NHL season lasts throughout the summer and they play the Stanley Cup Finals on water.

The worst part about the lockout was that I basically forgot how hockey works, all the terms, all the players, and I probably can't name all the teams.  That should lead to another fun season of people re-teaching me about the sport, and yelling at me about Mike Knuble, who if I remember correctly isn't even on the team.

So I look forward to finally getting started on my second season as a hockey fan and I look forward to hearing from you guys about what I am getting wrong.  This season we may even provide you with some analysis greater than "That guy with the pads and mask shouldn't have let the puck go past him into that net thing".

Ovechwho? ... wait a minute ... it's all coming back to me...

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