The Most Beautiful Loss In The World

DC Sports Nexus ---- Saturday, January 19, 2013

252 Days...

When the Washington Capitals and Tampa Bay Lightning dropped the puck on Saturday night, it was a few hours over 252 days since the Caps faced off against the New York Rangers in their final period of action back in May of 2012.  Since that time the Caps were eliminated from the playoffs, an 8th seed won the Cup, a season was almost cancelled, and earlier in the day, the NHL made its "triumphant" return.

And that is what makes this scene so beautiful.  Caps fans were expecting to take that game 7 against the Rangers at the end of last season and when it didn't happen their mouths began to water as we awaited the next season to begin.  Both the players and the fans were hoping the season started the next day.  Instead the lockout happened and it didn't even happen as regularly scheduled.

Well Caps fans...on Saturday night the Caps lost to the Tampa Bay Lightning 6-3.  IM NOT HEARING THE CHEERS, THE CAPS LOST!!!!! What?  I'm not crazy.  The fact that the Caps lost means that the Caps actually played!  Welcome back hockey!

In fact, I'm not even going to write much about the game.  I don't care.  My mind is clouded by too much delight.  Here are some brief wizards bullets:
  • This Alex Ovechkin Hit Happened (Cool Gif, Actual Clip Above)
  • Joe B Totally Dissed Alex Semin
  • The Caps were rusty especially on the defensive end. 
  • 6 Goals is not good, but not all on Holtby
  • Alex Ovechkin was constantly on the ice, leading forwards with 23 1/2 minutes
  • The Caps had 8 penalties and the Lightning scored on 3 of those
  • Tampa had 5 penalties and the Caps scored on 1 of those
  • Hockey was played
The lockout is over...but the season is just beginning...

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Unknown said...

Sure! It's great to return to the ice and we all feel the same about a sport so full of emotion as is hockey. Welcome guys..

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