Joe B Cracks Alex Semin Zing

DC Sports Nexus ---- Saturday, January 19, 2013

In the 2nd period of Saturday night's game between the Washington Capitals and the Tampa Bay Lightning, Alexander Ovechkin was knocked to the ice by a TB player.  There was a penalty on the Tampa sid, but the refs thought that Ovi was embellishing the call and sent him to the box as well.

"An embellishment penalty?  Is that #8 or #28.  The old #28 who now resides in Carolina" - Joe Beninati
Good Ovi, Bad Ovi???

Earlier that day, on the prerecorded 106.7 preseason preview show, Joe B was tiptoing around saying that Semin was "addition by subtraction".  He clearly has been waiting to drop a zing like this, and he didn't have to wait long.

Semin was signed by the Carolina Hurricanes in the offseason as a free agent.

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