Braden Holtby Tries To Score Empty Net Goal

DC Sports Nexus ---- Sunday, March 17, 2013

With the Washington Capitals up 2 goals in the final seconds, Braden Holtby decided that Alex Ovechkin isn't the only one who can score a goal.  The Washington netminder took hold of the puck behind his net, brought the puck up around the net, and tried to fire a bank shot off the boards and into the Buffalo Sabres awaiting empty net.

Instead the puck went to Alex Ovechkin who caught the goal this time for Holtby...Here are what the announcers had to say about it:

Locker: "He's gonna try to score"

Joe B: "Go Hotlby...PLEASE!"

Locker: "I knew he was going to"

Joe B:  "One of these days"

Locker: "He didn't get all of that, but he was thinkin' why not me...I LOVE IT!...Wait was that his 200th, 300th goal, what was that?"

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