Craig Laughlin With A St. Patrick's Day Telestrator Sign-Off

DC Sports Nexus ---- Sunday, March 17, 2013

On Sunday evening at Verizon Center the Washington Capitals were celebrating St. Patrick's Day.  Joe Be had his bright green tie on, but for some reason, Locker didn't go with green.

Down on the ice the Caps were wearing very ugly green uniforms for warmups which they will give away for charity.

During the 2nd Intermission Hold It Here Telestrator moment (like this one, and this one) Craig Laughlin signed his name on the telestrator with an added object.  Joe B though it was an ascot, but as Locker explained it was a Leprechaun hat for St. Patrick's Day.

Why wouldn't you draw a SHAMROCK locker, duh!  Why is a hat the first thing that comes to mind.  Also...worst hat drawing ever?

"I get it...I thought you were drawing an's a little donkey's bed" - Joe B's terrible zinger!  Get it Ass Cot...

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