Greatest Website Ever Lets You Know When Papa John's Is Half Off

DC Sports Nexus ---- Friday, April 12, 2013

Who doesn't like half price pizza?  Give up? The answer is nobody.

Some people may not be the biggest Papa John's fans, myself being one of them, but on a Friday afternoon when I can order a bacon/mushroom/pepperoni pizza, buffalo wings, bread sticks, and cheese sticks for around $20, I don't really care.  And now there is a now a new website that will change your pizza eating life.

In case you were unaware, Papa Johns has been offering half price coupons after victories with certain scoring margins by the Caps, Wizards, and Nats using the codes CAPS50, NATS50, WIZ50.  I know the Wizards stopped doing this all the time, and the Nats have too (read more on this from the Bog)

I am typically on top of this deal, using it at least 20 times saving hundreds of dollars last year when the Caps were crushing it.  I actually used it so much that looking at Papa John's logo makes me sick to my stomach.

But for those of you who aren't obsessed with pizza, twitterer @BenPackard has you covered.  Ben created, a site that tells you if you can get a half price coupon at Papa Johns.

Woohoo!  Everyone go on Twitter and thank Ben and eat pizza and get won't need to be in shape to watch the Caps in the playoffs...

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