Alexander Ovechkin's Car Gets More Girls Than Me

DC Sports Nexus ---- Thursday, January 10, 2013

On Thursday afternoon, after the Washington Capitals players completed their unofficial practice, a large group of spectators migrated from the bleachers of Kettler Iceplex to the parking deck outside.  A huge mass of people gathered around the players exit, but other small clusters of people began waiting next to a blue Mercedes SL65 in the parking lot horribly parked in between two hooptys.

With a license plate that read AO GR8, it was not hard to determine who's car it was, and fans were lining up next to it like it was the player himself.  A group of children were playing around the car, a few girls were taking photos with the car to impress their friends on Twitter, and a group of bros lurked behind a large potted plant 30 yards from the vehicle, acting like they were just hanging out unaware of the car's presence.

The way that the girls looked at that car was a way a girl has never looked at me in my life.  The fact that it was a nice car earned some friendly glances, but once they knew who the car belonged to, I could see true love in their eyes.

One girl was seriously debating hugging the car...not Ovi...his I really need to win the lottery...(or I could like work hard and be successful and stuff I guess)

I didn't stick around to view the madness of Ovechkin's arrival because waiting around for a dude in a parking lot really isn't my thing.  But for several Capitals fans who occupied the top level of a parking deck, the experience appeared to be quite exhilarating.

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